ARXM3 series MCCB
ARXM3 Series Molded Case Circuit Breaker ARXM3-125A-3300 3P

· Rated Current : 16A、20A、25A、32A、40A、45A、50A、55A、60A、63A、65A、70A、80A、85A、90A、95A、100A、125A

· Number Of Poles : 3P/4P

· Rated Working Voltage : 400V/690V

About Us
Ruirui Electric was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Yueqing, Wenzhou, the capital of electrical appliances in China. It is a modern factory integrating design, development and intelligent manufacturing.
  • 7K+
    Floor Space ( m2 )
  • 300+
  • 10%
    Research Personnel
  • 250mil.
    Annual Sales
  • 10K+
    Self-developed Products
for various industries
Some common questions to help you quickly understand us and our products.
  • Your products are really good, but we have seen the same circuit breakers on the market nearby and their prices are much cheaper than yours.

    First of all, I would like to emphasise that the price is definitely proportional to the quality. If you are a buyer, you must know that the materials and treatment processes used in our products are better than those of our peers, and the quality is recognised in the same industry. Our factory has a thermosetting workshop, thermoplastic workshop, welding workshop, hardware stamping workshop and assembly workshop, and the rate of self-made parts is as high as 80%. We have also built a new factory in Wuhu to guarantee the supply of parts for us, so that the parameters and various technical indicators such as mechanical life, Icu, Ics, etc. are very stable, and the match between parts is very high, and the service life of the finished product is also very long, which is They can be used in high-end industrial areas and hospitals, where the quality of the circuit breakers is very high. We also have our own technology patents and a very professional R&D team of 30-40 engineers to respond to the various needs of our customers, the development cycle of new products only takes 30-40 days, in the process, unconditionally provide you with technical expenses, we can greatly reduce the cost of communication and research and development costs. if particularly urgent, I can apply to my superiors to set up a customer line for you, specifically for you to assemble MCCB.

  • What are the countries you have exported to?

    We have not worked directly with foreign customers before, we provide ODM and OEM services for brands in China and then they take our products and sell them to foreign customers, basically to Europe and the Middle East.

  • What tests do you have to confirm the quality of the arc chamber?

    We have a incoming inspection for the raw material and process inspection for the rivet and stamping. There is also final statistical audit which consisting the measurement of sizes, tensile test and coat examine.

  • How about the scale of your factory?

    Our total area is 7000 square meter. We have 300staffs, .40 engineers.

  • What is your production capacity?

     We can produce 3000  sets per month.

  • How about the guarantee period?

    It varies according the different kinds of product. We can negotiate it before place an order.

Eeperienced R&D Team
Our team members have rich industry knowledge to help you solve various product problems
  • 30+
    Engineer Team
  • 10+
    R&D Expert Experience
  • 30-40Day
    R&D time Period