Privacy Policy

Data Privacy and Cookie Policy

1. Modification of this policy

Ruirui Electric can modify this privacy and cookie policy as needed.

Ruirui Electric reserves the right to modify this policy as necessary, for example, to comply with laws, regulations, Ruirui Electric specifications and procedures, or regulatory requirements.

In this case, Ruirui Electric will inform the affected personnel of any significant changes to this privacy policy. Ruirui Electric will release new versions on relevant internal and external websites and digital platforms.

2. Why should this privacy and cookie policy be implemented?

Ruirui Electric is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. This privacy policy will inform you of our privacy regulations and how to protect your personal information. You should read this privacy policy before accessing Ruirui Electric's digital content.

Ruirui Electric strongly supports the fundamental rights of privacy and data protection, and strictly complies with domestic and international privacy laws.

This privacy policy describes how Ruirui Electric handles and protects the personal information of individuals using our website and other digital platforms, as well as participating in our offline business activities.

Ruirui Electric has implemented a data privacy policy internally for the collection, processing, use, dissemination, transmission, and storage of personal information, which is applicable to all our subsidiaries. This policy sets out general rules for each of our subsidiaries to ensure a high degree of protection of personal information within Ruirui Electric.

As a data controller, Ruirui Electric has determined to publish this privacy policy as our binding company regulation.

What is the scope of this policy? Who is responsible for data processing?

Unless a specific privacy statement is issued as a supplement or alternative, this privacy policy applies to all subsidiaries and digital content of Ruirui Electric. You should review the privacy statement provided to you on each digital platform, such as a website or application.

This privacy policy applies to all Ruirui Electric data processing activities conducted by subsidiaries under our control, including products, services, and digital content (such as event registration, websites, applications, tutorials, e-training, newsletters, advertisements, and other communications). However, it can be supplemented by very specific privacy announcements/statements/policies, and can even be replaced by another policy specific to a particular program, product, service, content, or entity of Ruirui Electric. Be sure to read the statement we provided to you for complete information. For example, the processing of job applications is subject to a privacy statement posted on our Career Portal.

The data controllers for data processing activities are various subsidiaries of Ruirui Electric, which are responsible for determining the method and purpose of data processing. The specific approach may vary depending on the situation. In many cases, Ruirui Electric Co., Ltd. (Wenzhou Bridge Industrial Park, Beibaixiang Town, Leqing City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province) is the data controller for data processing activities. For relevant information, you can contact us by sending an email to the following address: Corporate Email

This privacy policy governs all subsidiaries controlled by Ruirui Electric and their employees.

Any order you place online is also subject to the terms and conditions provided by the relevant website. You must read the corresponding terms and conditions.

Why do we collect and use personal information?

We use personal information for various purposes, including fulfilling orders and requests, managing customer and potential customer relationships, conducting surveys, improving our products, services, digital content, and user journeys, managing user accounts and plans, analyzing activities on our digital platform, executing marketing campaigns, providing context and relevant information to users, ensuring the security of our activities, and preventing fraud, And conducting our business activities at a broad level.

Our primary goal in collecting information is to provide you with excellent service and a smooth, efficient, and personalized experience when using our digital content.

Ruirui Electric collects personal information for the following purposes:

-Fulfill orders for products, services, and digital content. The purpose of collecting this information is to deliver your order, obtain payment, provide functionality for our application, communicate with you about the status of the order, and use it for contract management purposes;

-To fully meet future information and support needs. We will maintain communication records, including personal information, to provide optimized services when you contact us for support;

-For relationship management purposes, including communicating on products, services, and digital content, including email communication and messaging;

-Conduct surveys and polls. We may collect personal information to complete the survey and contact you for follow-up. We use this information to measure satisfaction, fully understand customers, and improve products, services, and digital content;

-Improve our products, services, and digital content; For example, we will analyze the usage of applications and websites to identify areas and features where users encounter difficulties, and make corresponding improvements;

-Learn about your browsing and search activities. When you visit our digital content or click on links to products and services, we collect navigation information. The purpose of collecting this information is to improve the user experience of your subsequent visits (such as country selection or content highlighting personal data), help you navigate our website efficiently, collect extensive demographic information to analyze website activity and performance, and evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of our advertising to fully serve our customers. We may use cookies and other identifiers or similar technologies (hereinafter referred to as "cookies") to obtain information about the website involved, the type of browser used, the content viewed, and the date and time of accessing digital content. You can read our cookie related statement to learn more about our use of cookies and the options you use to manage cookies;

-Manage user digital accounts. We collect the personal information you use when registering on our digital platforms (such as partner portals, subscription platforms, mobile applications) to authenticate you and manage credentials, enabling you to browse multiple digital platforms without having to re authenticate (see Single Sign On) and interact with you;

-Implementing promotional plans and activities: When you participate in promotional or incentive plans or activities, we collect personal information. We will use this information to manage plans or activities, send you relevant emails about plans and activities, notify the winners, and publish the winners' list in accordance with applicable regulations and laws;

-Used to send you marketing information about promotions, news, and new products or services that we believe may be of interest to you through email, fax, phone, SMS, email, and electronic communication based on the relevant opt-in or opt-out requirements. Ruirui Electric, its subsidiaries, or selected third parties acting on our behalf can perform this operation;

-Provide you with certain communications and/or targeted information about our products and services through pop-up windows, banners, videos, emails, and any other forms of advertising. For example, we may provide you with contextual advertisements or other content based on browsing information. We may also use location data to notify you of local promotions and events. Please read our cookie related statement to learn more about using cookies and the options you have for managing cookies;

-Integrate information obtained online from different digital platforms with information about you that we collect offline to create a personal profile about you that we may use to provide personalized services for you. For example, we believe that users who are electricians (especially electricians determined based on the information provided by the user at the time of registration and other information obtained from third-party sources) may see advertisements related to their personal information on our website (and/or on third-party websites and applications), while users with other energy related expertise will not see these advertisements. Similarly, users may see different content or receive different emails containing different advertisements or surveys. We may also use cookies to identify target users on a geographical basis.

What types of personal information do we process?

Ruirui Electric handles various types of personal information, including identity and contact related information, professional related information, information about preferences, interactions with us, financial related information, online traffic data, and the content you provide to us. In most cases, this information is obtained from customers, partners, and users. We will also purchase such information listings from marketing agencies and obtain relevant information from our partners through cookies and social networks.

Personal information (also known as personal data) refers to any information related to an identified or identifiable individual. Identifiable individuals refer to individuals who can identify themselves directly or indirectly, specifically by referencing identifiers or one or more unique physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural, or social identity factors.

The types of personal information we process about you may include:

-Identity and contact related information, such as name, company, email address, phone number, photo, age range, contact address;

-Professional related information, such as customer type, procurement authority, and procurement time; The purchase and use of Ruirui Electric's products, services, and digital content;

-Information specific to the digital platform you are using (such as energy consumption)

-Your preferences, such as product and service preferences, contact preferences, and marketing preferences;

-Your interactions with us, such as your inquiries, orders, claims, and survey responses;

-Online traffic data, based on your IP address or information transmitted by your mobile device, such as IP address, device and system identifier, your Ruirui Electric user ID and password, reference website, browser type used, consultation content and location;

-Content that you provide through online forums or other means (see section 6, "Your Content," below).

This privacy policy does not cover personal information provided anonymously, that is, individuals cannot be identified anymore or must spend disproportionately large amounts of time, cost, or labor to identify them. If anonymous data can be used to identify identity, this privacy policy should apply.

6. Your content

You can choose to contribute content, including photos or comments, to online forums, applications, or other digital platforms operated by Ruirui Electric. Your content must be harmless. Your content must respect the law, the rights and interests of others. Before sharing other people's data, you need to obtain permission. Before sharing information on a forum, you should consider it carefully.

The content provided to us must respect the rights and interests of others, including their right to protect personal information and privacy. Must not be aggressive, offensive, or cause any harm to others.

Any personal information provided to Ruirui Electric about others must comply with privacy laws, including notification and consent requirements for the disclosure of such information.

Although Ruirui Electric strives to protect your personal information, providing this information online on a shared forum is not without risk. If you post, comment, express interest in, or share personal information (including photos) on any forum, social network, or blog, please be aware that any personal information you submit may be read, viewed, collected, or used by other users in these forums, and may be used to contact you, send unsolicited messages to you, or for purposes beyond the control of both you and Ruirui Electric. Ruirui Electric is not responsible for the personal information you choose to submit in these forums. You should consider carefully before deciding to share information about yourself or others.

Who do we share personal information with?

We will share personal information with our subsidiaries and service providers, advertising and marketing agencies participating in our activities, social networks (if you have used their login credentials), third-party websites (if you have registered with our credentials), competent regulatory authorities, authorities, and business successors.

As a leading enterprise in electrical components, equipment, and solutions in China, Ruirui Electric may share personal data among personnel working for different entities in order to better carry out its work and provide high-quality services to customers, potential customers, and users. For example, they may use this data for customer relationship management, sales or product support, marketing, product development purposes, product, service, and digital content improvement, data quality checks, or security, financial, regulatory, and compliance purposes.

We rely on service providers to perform data processing activities and provide you with our products, services, and online content. These service providers include, but are not limited to, hosting facility providers, information systems, advertising and marketing agencies, IT support, security services, financial services, carriers that ship products, external accounting firms, lawyers, and auditors.

We ensure that all service providers working for Ruirui Electric under the contract comply with data privacy laws and comply with Ruirui Electric's guidelines.

We also share information under the following circumstances:

-Regarding the provision of advertising, we may share some restricted personal information (such as device identifiers, cookie identifiers) with advertising trading platforms or agencies responsible for managing advertising on third-party websites and applications, and you may see advertisements on these websites and applications.

-You may access our digital content and/or register through login credentials on third-party websites. If you do this, we will be able to access some of the information you have registered on these social networks to help you pre fill out the registration form to access Ruirui Electric's digital content. By using the login credentials of such third-party websites, you can also notify your contacts on these websites that you have created an account with Ruirui Electric. If you want to gain insight into the information that your contacts on these websites can access and how to limit their communication, we recommend that you read their terms of use and privacy policy.

-Ruirui Electric will disclose your personal information to potential buyers and heirs as needed to facilitate mergers, acquisitions, transfer of control, or other corporate restructuring in which Ruirui Electric is involved.

-"If required by law or court order, or in order to protect our legitimate rights, we will disclose your personal information to government agencies, regulatory agencies, and competent authorities.".

-Other methods described in this privacy policy or agreed upon by you.

-Summarize with other information to ensure that your identity cannot be determined in a reasonable manner (e.g., statistical compilation).

Without your permission, we will not sell or lease your personal information to a third party.

How do we protect personal information?

Ruirui Electric adheres to recognized key data protection principles (fairness, purpose limitation, data quality, data retention, compliance with personal rights, security), and takes reasonable measures to ensure the security of personal information.

Ruirui Electric respects the privacy and interests of individuals. Ruirui Electric and its subsidiaries will abide by the following principles when handling personal information:

Processing personal information reasonably and legally;

2. Collect personal information for prescribed legitimate purposes, and do not further process personal information that is inconsistent with these purposes;

The collection of personal information must be related to the purpose of collection and use and cannot deviate from that purpose. According to the nature and risks of data related to the intended use, we can publish information anonymously when feasible and appropriate;

4. Keep personal information accurate and update it if necessary. We will take reasonable measures to correct or delete inaccurate or incomplete information;

5. Save personal information only for the necessary time based on the purpose for which it is collected and used;

Processing personal information in accordance with the legal rights of individuals;

Take appropriate technical, physical, and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access, illegal processing, and unauthorized or accidental loss, destruction, or destruction of personal information;

8. When processing sensitive personal information, ensure that appropriate notice and consent are provided or that the processing is already in compliance with applicable laws;

Ruirui Electric and all its subsidiaries must ensure compliance with the above principles.

Ruirui Electric and its subsidiaries promise to take commercially reasonable technical, physical, and organizational measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, illegal processing, accidental loss or destruction, and unauthorized destruction. We will use a secure server to enable you to place orders or access your account information. We implement access control measures for our internal systems that store personal information. Authorized users gain access to the system by using unique identifiers and passwords. Access to personal information is only provided to employees who must have this permission to perform their duties. We will let our employees know how to properly use and process personal information. We also require service providers to maintain the use of compliant security measures. We implement security measures to determine the identity of registered users in order to provide them with appropriate rights and restrictions. If you are a registered user, we will use your login and password to verify your identity. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your login credentials.

By using our digital content or providing us with personal information, you agree that we can communicate with you electronically or otherwise regarding related security, privacy, use, and management activities. Despite our efforts to implement appropriate security measures, online browsing has inherent risks, and we cannot guarantee that it is risk-free.

9. Third-party websites and social media

You should read the privacy policies of third-party websites and social media, and adjust your privacy settings as you deem appropriate. Non Ruirui Electric websites and platforms are not covered by this privacy policy.

In order to provide convenience and information to users, Ruirui Electric's digital platform may provide links to third-party applications, products, services, or websites. If you visit these links, you will leave the Ruirui Electric Digital Platform. Ruirui Electric cannot control these third-party websites or their privacy regulations, and their privacy regulations may be different from Ruirui Electric. We do not make any warranty or commitment for third-party websites. The personal information you choose to provide or collect from these third parties does not fall within the scope of Ruirui Electric's privacy policy. We recommend that you review the privacy policy of any website that interacts with you before allowing it to collect and use your personal information.

We also provide social media links that allow you to share information with your social networks and interact with Ruirui Electric on various social media websites. Your use of these links may result in the collection or sharing of information about you. We recommend that you review the privacy policies and privacy settings of the social media websites you interact with to ensure that you understand that this information may be collected, used, and shared by these websites, and adjust these settings as you deem appropriate.

10. What rights do you have?

Ruirui Electric will comply with your data protection rights, including your right to request access to your personal information and request deletion or modification of that information. You have the right to choose not to participate in any direct marketing activities conducted by Ruirui Electric.

Ruirui Electric will comply with your data protection rights, including your right to access and correct your personal information. You can inquire about the nature of your personal information stored or processed by any Ruirui Electric entity. Regardless of the location of data processing and storage, you will gain access to your personal information.

You can apply for access to your personal information, and you can request deletion or modification of this information at any time. You can send an individual rights application to:

You have the right to opt out of our marketing communications at any time. We will obtain your prior consent if required by any applicable law. To choose not to receive such marketing emails, simply use the features provided at the bottom of any emails we send.

Country specific departments may supplement this section.

11. What is the legal basis for Ruirui Electric to use personal information?

For the purposes described in section 3 above, personal information must be used to perform the following:

-Execute the contract signed between Ruirui Electric and you when using our products, services, or digital content. The performance of a contract includes understanding your identity, your expertise, and interactions with you to understand performance. It also includes processing your information, support, your job application, managing your account, and your request to sign up for our program, as well as ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions and this privacy statement.

-Comply with our legal obligations. For example, mandatory tax and accounting obligations, or processing filing obligations and requests from competent regulatory bodies and authorities.

-When the following situations are involved:

O Surveys. Some surveys are conducted for our legitimate interests, as they are used to measure your satisfaction with the services you require. For other investigations, we will request your consent. You have the right not to respond.

O Provide you with marketing communications and interest based advertising, and the activities we and our subsidiaries carry out are in accordance with our legitimate rights and interests. "We allow you to opt out at any time, and we will obtain your prior consent if required by applicable law.".

O We will obtain your prior consent to use the location data transmitted by your mobile device, subject to applicable laws.

We can also process your personal information in accordance with our legitimate rights and interests, provided that such processing does not infringe upon your rights and freedoms, especially:

-Protect you, us, or others from threats such as security threats or fraud,

-Comply with the laws applicable to us worldwide,

-Improve our products, services, and digital content,

-Conduct profile analysis to provide targeted content and interest based advertising,

-Information is shared between Ruirui Electric's subsidiaries and service providers in accordance with Part 7,

-Understand and improve our online activities, business, customer base, and relationships as a whole.

-Support or manage our business, such as quality control and integrated reporting

-Manage company affairs, such as mergers or acquisitions.

12. Will we conduct an overview analysis and make automated decisions for you?

We will use analytics tools to provide you with online content that we believe meets your interests. We combine registration information, such as your work expertise, and information about your online activities to fully understand you and provide you with online content corresponding to your personal information.

We will not make automated decisions that may have a significant impact on you unless:

-This decision is a necessary part of the contract we have signed with you;

-We have your explicit consent;

-Or the law requires us to use this technology.

In this case, we will provide relevant notification.

13. How long will personal information be retained?

As long as this information is still required for the purposes specified in this privacy policy, we will continue to retain personal information and will retain it for any additional period required or permitted by law. Privacy statements that apply to specific digital content provide very accurate information. In general, the following situations are considered when determining data retention periods:

-The duration of our relationship (e.g., the duration of the contract, account closure, your legitimate needs confirmed when we contact you)

-Legal Requirements for Data Retention

-Limitation of action

For marketing purposes, we will retain relevant customer data for three years after the termination of the relationship or since the last interaction with us.

14. What are cookies and similar technologies?

A cookie is a piece of information placed in the form of a very small text file on the hard disk of an Internet user. It is generated by a web server, which is basically the computer running the website.

The information contained in cookies is set by the server and can be used by its hosting server when users visit the website.

Cookies can be divided into two categories:

-Session cookies, which allow websites to identify and link user actions for a browser session (for example, cookies used to remember users adding shopping cart content while browsing the website);

-Persistent cookies allow websites to remember user preferences and choices (for example, cookies for targeted advertising).

Similar technologies are technologies and tools that use certain features to identify devices and analyze the behavior of accessing websites. Similar technologies include local storage such as HTML5, local shared objects, fingerprint technology, pixel tracking, and plug-ins.

For ease of reference, cookies and similar technologies are referred to as "cookies".

Cookies have multiple uses. Cookies enable us to provide certain features to users and provide us with website visitor information.

Cookies can also make our website more user friendly, give us a better understanding of our existing and potential customers, and enhance our relationship information, including establishing links between users and different devices and browsers that may use online positioning and advertising.

15. How can you set cookies?

You can use our cookie privacy settings panel to manage unnecessary cookies set by Ruirui Electric. Many of our websites only place marketing cookies when you click "Accept all cookies" when you first visit the website. If you have accepted cookies, you can use this link to adjust your preferences.

You can also manage and delete cookies using browser settings. Browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari enable you to accept, reject, or delete cookies. Visit your browser's Help Center to learn more. Please note that your browser settings cannot manage certain types of cookies, such as Adobe Flash cookies or Microsoft Silverlight cookies. To manage Adobe Flash cookies, please visit the Flash Player help page. To manage Microsoft Silverlight cookies, please visit the Silverlight section of the Microsoft Privacy Statement.