Photovoltaic power generation
Future PV development will focus on promoting technological progress and strengthening distributed use

China's PV industry has continued to develop well in recent years with policy support. Whether it is large PV power plants, building PV, or smart microgrids, it is important to ensure that the overall power generation efficiency is maximized, operating costs are reduced and grid parity is eventually achieved under the premise of safe and stable operation of the PV system.

The focus of PV development in the future will be on promoting technological progress and strengthening distributed utilisation. Through technological innovation and layout adjustment, the PV industry will continue to develop in a sustainable and healthy manner and continue to optimise the energy layout.

Photovoltaic power generation systems

Against the backdrop of global energy shortages and environmental crises, governments are actively promoting the energy transition. One of the important initiatives is to promote the manufacture and use of new energy vehicles. Charging piles are a necessary support facility for the development of electric vehicles. RuiRui provides safe and reliable solutions for AC and DC charging piles.

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